Ideal Location

Southern California is home to over 20 million people who speak more than 220 languages and a $1.5 trillion economy. The region has the largest tech-based employment in the country and is #1 for tech PhDs and # for engineering graduates. It also has the largest concentration of research universities such as CalTech, UCLA, UC Irvine and UC San Diego that produce close to 1,000 patents annually. Orange County is located at the heart of it all, just south of Los Angeles and just north of San Diego.

Orange County itself is home to over 3.2 million people, which makes it larger than 19 U.S. states and has a nearly $300 billion Gross Regional Product making its economy more robust than states like Nevada, Utah and Oregon. Orange County is home to three of California’s 15 largest cities, with the third largest, Irvine, being one of the fastest growing in California.

Orange County also has the nation’s fourth largest international population, with close to 1 million foreign-born residents, and the third largest Asian American and Pacific Islander population in the U.S. This ethnic diversity has made Orange County a hotbed of trade and foreign direct investment. More than 2,000 foreign companies have operations in Orange County and export goods and services worth over $15 billion annually.

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