Healthcare and Social Assistance is Orange County’s largest industry sector employing nearly 200,000 people among nearly 17,500 establishments. The industry has seen remarkable growth, increasing by more than 100% in the last 20 years, and is projected to expand another 20% in the next decade.

Some of the largest and highest performing health care providers, such as Providence St. Joseph’s, MemorialCare and Kaiser Permanente, have major footprints in Orange County, which is also home to 3 of the best 15 Hospitals in California. Whether an incredibly robust health care industry is important to your business or to ensure that you, your employees and their families have access to the best healthcare possible, you can find it in Orange County. 

Major Employers in Health Care

Providence St. Joseph's

8,300 employees


7,000 employees


4,995 employees


4,500 employees

Kaiser Permanente

4,200 employees

"Kaiser Permanente expanded into Orange County in 1978, and since then we have seen the County become the ideal destination for businesses to grow and thrive.”

Mark Costa, Sr. Vice President, Area Manager, Kaiser Permanente in Orange County

Healthcare Education Programs

Orange County’s universities and community colleges are heavily invested in this industry with the following programs to sustain your business’ talent needs: