Why Southern California is a new EV mecca, with Rivian Lordstown, and Karma in Irvine

2 Aug 2021


With the click of the mouse, a Karma Automotive technician brings a brand new electric vehicle to life.

You sit inside and marvel at the sleek console, the plush seats, the streamlined, jet-age dashboard.

Never mind that this new car doesn't yet exist. Never mind that the driver's seat you're sitting on is actually a metal office chair.

Thanks to the magic of virtual reality, Karm Automotive's designers can visualize how a car looks long before they build it.

"I can put you inside a car," said David Hilton, who as Karma's senior design director oversees work at the EV maker's design studio in Irvine. "It can get fairly real. You get close... I've done concept cars completely virtually."

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