Lordstown Endurance Ready to Redefine Work Fleet Service

21 Jan 2021


IRVINE, Calif. — You couldn’t have picked a better place to showcase an electric pickup truck ready to sweep into its market niche. Lordstown Motors on Jan. 14 brought the alpha version of the Endurance to the gently sloping front lawn of its new West Coast office building on a corner lot in a technology and business office park.

The sunny, clear day resulted from an unusual January warm spell, even for Orange County, where palms, mountains, cliffs, beaches and surf all combine to provide that desirable Gold Coast atmosphere for all things new and progressive.

SoCal Hotspot

Lordstown Motors and the Endurance land in one of the most electric-vehicle friendly regions of the U.S., where Teslas are commonplace in the driveways and garages of many upscale coastal communities. They chose Irvine because of its location and California’s reputation as a leading market for electric vehicle adoption.

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