OCBC releases its 2022 Community Indicators Report

7 Oct 2022

News, Growth

On Tuesday, the Orange County Business Council released its OC Community Indicators Report, which provides insights and data trends on the county's important issues. Some great takeaways:
1) Orange County's unemployment rate sits at 2.9% which Is more than a percent lower than neighboring counties like Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino.
2) 720,000 people from surrounding counties commute into Orange County for work, compared to the 530,000 residents commuting elsewhere. Overall, more people commute to Orange County than commute out by nearly 190,000.
3) College readiness of Orange County high schoolers has increased by a percent despite challenges with COVID. 56.9% of all students meet the eligibility requirements to attend a 4-year university (UCs and CSUs) upon graduation.

If you would like to read more about these trends, you can find the report here: https://ocbc.org/research/community-indicators-project/

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